The first and the only Documentary Film of Our Country which is about Economics of Aging, Senior Tourism… ‘Third Spring of Life’


  • Yayınlanma Tarihi 17.2.2020

    The Documentary was produced by Dr. Sinan Ibis with the collaboration of Medikal Turizm Derneği /Medical Tourism Association and with the support of Ministry of Culture and Tourism with Turkish and English subtitle. The film has 45 minutes watching period which includes enjoyable visual shootings & multinational interviews which emphasize how Turkey can host to the increasing number of   elder people all around the world, elderly care perception in our country & how this can be increased. Also care sector in this day and age, workforce of care sector, solutions to the needs of aging people, roles of sectors, media communication, and journalism is herein.  We express our unceasing gratitude and thank to all the Authorities and professionals, academicians, nursing homes & rehabilitation centers, final beneficiaries of senior tourism, professionals of tourism media and other authorities for their contribution.

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