The first and the only Documentary Film of Our Country which is about Children with Special Educational Needs and Down’s Syndrome … ‘We are like you’


  • Yayınlanma Tarihi 17.2.2020

    The Documentary was shot by Levent Sidar with the collaboration of Ankara Flavius Polyclinic for its content, and with the support of Ministry of Culture and Tourism in order to provide awareness to our children with special educational needs & to develop all the processes related to them. The Documentary Film has 45 minutes watching period which includes highly enjoyable, colorful & exciting stories and summary information with Turkish and English subtitle. The aim of the Documentary is to contribute to the developing of the roles of these individuals starting from their birth with the awareness of themselves, their families, educators, related institutions and organizations, other related parties, society & private sector. Thus making them happy, productive and to become involved in Life more  actively. We express our gratitude and thank to all the Authorities and to our all partners for their contribution.

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